Periodontal disease. What is it? Do I have it? Why doesn’t it hurt?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the attachment that holds and supports the teeth. That attachment is known as the bone and gum around your teeth. That infection causes an inflammation of the gingiva as well as recession of the bone around your teeth. This can lead to tooth mobility, shifting of the teeth and eventually loss of the teeth. As the bone recedes the root surface is exposed and can cause sensitivity or pain.

If you are wondering, do I have this? Here are a few things you can look for.

Bleeding gums that are red, swollen and puffy in appearance, bad breath, loose teeth and possible even your smile doesn’t line up like it use to. All of these are possible symptoms of periodontal disease. When you come in for your appointment we will take x-rays and do a thorough exam to determine your periodontal health.


Early stages of periodontal disease may not hurt, but you still have the disease and damage is being done. So the best advice that I can offer is, don’t wait until you are experiencing these symptoms and be diligent with your oral health. I know people hate flossing but, it is one of the cheapest, most effective way to ward of periodontal disease. But if you are already experiencing these symptoms come in for an evaluation and get your mouth the care it needs to prevent further damage and get you back on track.


Next session we will talk about the risk/causative factors, the stages of periodontal disease and how gingivitis is different but a Segway into periodontal disease.


Thank you


Dr. Carl Graves

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