We are a family owned and operated dental office in the heart of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We practice out of a unique office, with amazing atmosphere and that gives us the opportunity to put our patients fears at ease.  All of us at the dental center like to have fun and crack jokes and if your lucky, well we may even sing to you! We are professional when we need to be but lets face it no one likes going to the dentist, so we do our very best to show you a good time and help you forget where you are.

I provide my patients with a thorough exam and listen to all of their concerns, we are then able to come up with a comprehensive personalized treatment plan that meets all of their needs. Whether you need simple fillings, complex restorations, Invisalign, whitening,  root canal therapy, or you are ready to turn your grin into a million dollar smile we got you covered with our emphasis on cosmetic dentistry.

I also have a passion for our military families. Knowing the struggles that they can face first hand, I participate in Tri-Care insurance for active duty families and with our retired veterans insurance plans. They already have so much to worry about, getting quality dental care shouldn’t be one of them.

At Sand Dollar Dental we do our best to help you optimize your dental benefits by doing pre-treatment estimates, filing your claims and answering questions about your dental plan. For those without insurance we offer an in office premier plan that provides cleanings, x-rays and exams to help preserve your dental health. The plan also offers  discounts on treatments.

We look forward to meeting you, your family, friends, and neighbors. Because, you will be so excited about your new smile and the care you received, you will want to tell everyone you know! Call today and see how we can help you  achieve the smile you have always wanted.